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World Food

Lime Chilli Coconut Thai StyleV

a light coconut broth with fresh red chillies , kaffir lime , lemongrass and rice vermicelli
prawns / chicken / vegetarian

Korean Spinach Soup

gentle soya flavoured broth with baby spinach , gochujang & sesame oil
chicken / vegetarian

Wild Mushroom CappuccinoV

mushroom soup with truffle oil , porcini dust & citrus foam

Traditional Mulligatawny

traditional anglo indian lentil soup with whole spices & coconut

Citrus Asian Greens Salad

edamame beans , pickled carrots , orange segments mixed greens with citrus dressing & sesame seeds

Grilled Vegetables & Burrata Cheese Salad

served with basil pesto , toasted pinenut & balsamic reduction

Mexican Bean Salad

mix lettuces , kidney bean , tomato , onion & cheddar cheese in mayo dressing
add grilled prawns / add chicken tikka / add grilled chicken

Thai Style Raw Papaya Salad

raw papaya threaded with chilli , tangy tamarind dressing , slivers of carrot & beans , scattered with peanuts

Finch’s Nachos La Paz

crispy tortilla chips with house special cheese sauce , grill veggies & tangy salsa

Chilli Cheese Cigars

herb tossed veggies & spiced cream cheese roll

Creamy Spinach Dip with Asparagus

baked spinach & cream dip with fresh thyme & buttered asparagus heads

Finch’s Tangy Cottage Cheese Sliders

grilled cottage cheese sliders with a pepper salsa & chilli garlic mayo

Marhaba Mezzeh Sampler

traditional middle eastern mezze with hummus , baba gannoush , moutabel , falafel served with grilled pita bread

Fresh Summer Roll

crunchy veggies , cottage cheese , fresh lettuce & sunflower seeds wrapped in thin rice paper sheets

Crispy Fries

all time favourite bar munchies parmesan truffle
salted / spiced

Grilled Vegetables & Pesto Panini

grilled exotic veggies , bocconcini cheese , fresh basil pesto sandwiched in grilled panini

Spicy Rock Chicken Fingers

spicy marinated chicken crispy fried served with our signature dip

Sicilian Style Chicken Slider

grilled sicilian style mini chicken sliders with spiced sauce & melting cheddar cheese

Finch’s Jack Daniel Wings

smoked chicken wings tossed in barbeque plum sauce flambe’d with jack daniel whisky

Spiced Bloody Mary Prawns

spiced marinated prawn skewers with a virgin bloody mary chaser shot

Finch’s Cubano

minced chicken or tenderloin , chicken salami , sliced gherkins , mature cheddar cheese grilled sandwich
tenderloin / chicken

Scottish Salmon with Spiced Sweet Pepper Coulis

pan seared salmon steak served with garlic herbed mash & tomato pepper salsa

Charred Tenderloin Steak

with shallot merlot jus

Grilled Corn Fed Chicken with Rosemary Jus

served with haricot beans , cherry tomato confit & truffled potato quenelles

Homemade Riccota & Potato Gnocchi

homemade ricotta gnocchi tossed with cherry tomatoes in mushroom ragout sauce

Penne or Linguini Classico

selection of classic sauce flavours to suit your taste alfredo / arabiata / tomato vodka / tangy jalapeno garlic / aglio oilo
prawns / chicken / vegetarian

Edamame & Cream Cheese Dumpling

delicate dumplings gently steamed with baby soy beans & philadelphia cream cheese

Truffled Exotic Mushroom & Asparagus Dumpling

delicious truffle scented shitake , shimji , button mushrooms & crunchy asparagus

Pokchoy Cilantro & Water Chestnut Dumpling

delightful greens in a dumpling with a burst of water chestnut

Crystal Dumpling

steamed carrot , zucchini , baby corn & broccoli in a sticky translucent wrapper

Sui Mai

classic cantonese dumpling with minced prawns & chicken topped with salmon caviar

Prawns Har Gau

delicately wrapped traditional sesame flavoured guangzhou style prawn dumpling

Wasabi Chicken Gyoza

traditional japanese style steamed wasabi spiced chicken dumpling

Sichuan Chicken & Water Chestnut Dumpling

steamed chicken & water chestnut dumpling flavoured with crushed peppercorns & garlic sesame oil

Stir Fried Assorted Mushrooms

wok tossed with fresh red chillies & spring onions

Thai Chilli Potatoes

spicy baby potatoes tossed with our house special thai chilli sauce

Vegetables Spring Roll

assorted vegetables & glass noodles tossed with soya-chilli wrapped in spring rolls sheets , crispy fried

Masala Prawns Tempura

indian spice dusted prawn tempura fried & served with dipping sauce

Vietnamese Chilli Lemongrass Fish

vietnamese fish tossed with lemongrass , chilli , garlic & thai fish sauce

Stir Fried Chicken

bite size chicken pieces in the finch special sauce with cashew

Hot Sriracha Chicken Wings

smoked chicken wings tossed with chilli, garlic homemade sambal & thai sriracha sauce

Indonesian Style Fried Rice

stir fried rice tossed with prawns , chicken , egg & sweet soya served with chicken satay & prawn crackers

Yaki Soba Noodles (gluten free)

buck wheat noodles tossed with assorted veggies & chilli butter
chicken / vegetarian

Japanese Wok Tossed Rice

stir fried sticky rice tossed with light soya & choice of veg
prawns / chicken / vegetarian

Shanghai Style Street Noodles

fresh steamed noodles tossed with asian green veggies , soya & sesame oil
chicken / vegetarian

Steamed Sticky Japanese Rice

Black Cod with Asian Greens & Wasabi Mash

pan fried marinated black cod served with asian greens & soya ginger glaze

Five Spiced Pork Belly

chinese five spice rubbed pork belly slow cooked in its own juices

Hoisin Glazed Chicken

soy chilli garlic marinated grilled chicken served with hoisin glaze & fried sweet potato

Wok tossed Tenderloin with Vegetables

juliennes of peppery meat tossed with asparagus & mushrooms

Red / Green Thai Curry

coconut milk with chilli and galangal thai style with assorted vegetables
prawns / chicken / vegetarian

Finch’s Hot Pot

vegetables or baked chicken simmered with homemade sambal , chinese wine & fragrant sesame oil
chicken / vegetarian

Mix Vegetables in Black Bean Sauce

assorted asian vegetables in traditional black bean sauce

Mini Vegetable Kathi Rolls

tandoori veggies & paneer wrapped in mini paratha served with mint chutney & crunchy greens

Finch’s Jalapeno Paneer Tikka

stuffed tandoori paneer steak with a tangy twist of jalapenos

Mushroom Galauti Kebab

melt in the mouth mushroom kebabs on mini lachcha paratha

Cheesy Hariyali Subz Kebab

fresh garden veggies minced & cooked with secret spices , crusty kebabs with melting cheesy filling

Chatpatta Paneer in Crunchy Cups

tangy paneer cubes tossed in a spicy tamarind sauce & served in mini crunchy filo cups

Spicy Cheesy Cocktail naan

miniature tandoori baby naans with a cheesy , spicy filling

Finch’s Kasundi Salmon Tikka

scottish salmon cooked bengali style in piquant mustard marinade

Pork Belly with Sorpotel Curry Sauce

slow cooked melting pork belly served with goan style curry sauce

Gilafi Mutton Seekh

soft mutton seekh coated with cruchy peppers , herbs & red onions

Baby Chicken Kathi Rolls

boneless tandoori chicken wrapped in mini paratha with mint chutney & crunchy greens

Madeira Infused Bharwaa Chicken Kebab

madeira marinated stuffed tandoori chicken straight from our clay oven

The Finch’s Kesar Dum Biryani

saffron infused fragrant basmati cooked on dum with whole spices & fresh yogurt
mutton / chicken / vegetarian

Dhungar Lagaa Paneer

smoked malai paneer chunks in a rich brown onion & yogurt gravy

Subz Handi Lazeez

assorted vegetables & malai paneer in our house special gravy

Dhabe Wali Dal

home style mixed lentils tempered and served with herbed citrus butter

Steamed Basmati Rice

long grain basmati rice steamed to perfection

Coastal Prawn Curry

prawns simmered in a mildly spiced coconut chilli gravy

Rajputana Laal Maas

slow cooked mutton in a traditional spiced red gravy

Home Style Chicken Curry

chicken simmered in spiced home style gravy

Boorani Raita

Varki Paratha

Tandoori Roti

Baby Naan

cheese / garlic / plain

Burrata Pizza a la CapreseV

baby burrata cheese , roasted cherry tomatoes , fresh basil

Greek Style PizzaV

crispy kale , olives & shallot confit with tangy feta cheese

Exotic Veggies & Trio Cheese PizzaV

mixed peppers , cherry tomatoes , asparagus with parmesan , cheddar & mozzarella cheese

Hawaiian Style PizzaV

slice pineapple , olives , jalapenos & shredded mozzarella

Pizza Con PatateV

traditional italian potato pizza with fresh rosemary & sliced leeks

Asian Inspired Hot Basil Chicken

kaprow kie style minced chicken pizza with chillies & bocconcini

The Finch’s Meat Feast

made for the meat lovers , loaded with sausage , ham & salami

Chicken Tikka Pizza

sliced tandoori chicken tikka with peppers , tomatoes , onion & chillies

Pizza Calzone

a classic closed face pizza from naples , stuffed with mozzarella , parmesan , mushroom cream , ham & egg

Hot Grilled Harrisa Chicken

middle eastern harrisa marinated grilled chicken with peppers & chillies


an italian classic with kahlua , mascarpone & rich coffee cream zabaglione

Chocolate Mud Slide

dark chocolate cake with nuts & chocolate ganache

Just Can’t Name It...

a sticky plum , & oats pudding with sweet toffee sauce

Salted Caramel & Oreo Cheese Cake

baked layers of cream cheese , cracked oreo & salted caramel

Choice of Ice Cream

three scoops of ice cream of your choice - vanilla & cream / swiss chocolate / mango cream


eastern semolina cake , steeped in rose scanted syrup

Saffron Cardamom Bake

saffron & cardamom flavoured baked yogurt